Bootyland in the Seattle PI

Did you see us in the Business section of last weekend’s PI? If you missed it, you can read the article here: “It’s even hip for kids to be green”

It’s no secret that being “green” is a major trend right now. In the grocery store the other day I noticed that even Clorox has a new line of “green” cleaning products. Once I recovered from the cognitive dissonance provoked by seeing “Clorox” and “green” on the same product, I realized that this was a sign that green has become mainstream. Whether this is because of an actual shift in values or just because corporate marketers have figured out another way to separate people from their money remains to be seen.

In any case, Bootyland’s commitment to “green” is not a passing fancy. We genuinely care about the sustainability of the products we sell – from the materials to the method of production to the distance they have to travel. We have a lot of fun searching out the coolest organic baby clothing and the best of what Seattle’s designers have to offer. Most of all, we want the store to be a place where you can fall in love with an item and buy it with a clear conscience.


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