Prevent Lice Organically

Rosemary Repels Lice

Rosemary Repels Lice

Yesterday we talked about what to do when you find out your kid has lice. Now I want to tell you how to keep the bugs away.

Back when I was in elementary school, kids got sent home if lice were found in their hair. And they weren’t allowed to come back until all the lice and nits were gone. But that’s not the case today in most  schools.

According to Seattle Schools Health Services, “a student who is found with lice may stay in school and in class until the end of the day.” Which is not a big deal really, since lice are not harmful…just really, really, aggravating. Lice don’t jump or fly, so as long as an infested student keeps their head away from other student’s heads, and they don’t share hats, clothing, or brushes…it should be fine. Right.

Sure, that’s great…in theory. But my first-grader can’t help but hug her friends,  they all love to play dress-up and snuggle up together in the “quiet corner” reading books. There’s no way of knowing how many head lice outbreaks occur in a school year, because it’s not a “reportable” situation so no one keeps track. I’ve heard estimates of 6 to 12 million cases per year nationwide though. That’s a lot of nitpicking.

So what can you do to help prevent your child from bringing home the little buggers?

Fairy Tales Hair Care’s Rosemary Repel products contain essential oils that have been shown to repel head lice and other insects. The line is available as a shampoo, creme conditioner, styling gel, and leave-in conditioning spray. I’ve been using the leave-in conditioning spray on my daughter’s hair for the past 8 months, and since then we’ve escaped several school head lice outbreaks.

Bootyland has had lots of great feedback about these products from desperate parents who were at their wit’s end about the whole lice situation. Plus, the products are gentle and leave hair soft and shiny.

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