online gift registry @ bootyland

When I was pregnant, it seemed like everyone I knew wanted me to register for baby gifts.  My out-of-town family especially wanted to be able to go online and pick a gift, pay for it, and have it sent to me.

Of course, this was eight years ago and online registries weren’t quite what they are today. I resigned myself  to registering at Target and Babies-R-Us…which are ok for some things, but they didn’t have the stuff I really wanted.

Now there are online registries that allow you to pick and choose items from any store and add them to your list with ease. I like; the site is easy to use and has some cool features, and of course you can use it to add gifts from to your registry.

The screenshot above (click to enlarge)  shows a picture of a sample gift registry I made. It took about five minutes to register for the service and get started. Once you’re registered, you add a button to your bookmarks toolbar that allows you to add items from any website directly to your registry. You can also sign up for a cash gift option, announce your registry by email, link your account to other online registries and opt to have a text message sent when a gift is bought off your list.

If you’re setting up a baby-gift registry, I’d definitely recommend checking out this option. Why settle for registering with the big chain-stores if you don’t have too?

One thought on “online gift registry @ bootyland

  1. I love! I just signed up for an account last week and I’ve had so much fun clicking around and building up my registry with anything I want! Actually, I’ve probably already gone a little overboard because as of right now, my gender-to-be-determined baby already practically has two full wardrobes (one for a boy, one for a girl) and he/she doesn’t even have a crib/stroller/carseat yet! It’s just too fun being able to add things from Etsy (and of course,!).

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