Seattle Made with Simply Sweet Makings

 “Live your life in a way that helps others.”  – Simply Sweet Makings Image

Cherise Derheim’s mice live in match-boxes, or sometimes in cigar boxes. They wear tiny polka-dot dresses and hand-knit sweaters.  At night they snuggle under miniature blankets and rest their heads on wee pillows. Each hand-made mouse is adorably unique, evoking the beautifully simple toys of yesteryear and capturing the imagination of children of all ages.

The creative spark that would grow into Simply Sweet Makings struck Derheim before the birth of her daughter, Emma.  She was living in a studio apartment when she felt inspired to begin sewing. With no television to occupy her evenings, she conceived and created her first hand-sewn quilt.

After her daughter Emma was born  her inspiration was renewed. From baby blankets for her daughter she progressed to making gifts for friends and family, who enthusiastically convinced her to continue with her creations. Now the Simply Sweet Makings collection includes booties, bibs, changing pads, onuses, match box mice, a felt tree with mice to play in and foxes in a box

bike baby booties

snap over baby booties

match box mouse

match box mouse, made in seattle

fox web

There is always something new being crafted in the Sweet Makings sewing nook. If you ask she will even add in some custom embroidery. When all this is being created her playful kiddos of 4 and 6 years take the time to play and create a world of their own.


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