Holiday Gift for Bigger Kids

 Holidays for the Tween Set..

For that eclectic ski lodge look

Alpaca Dino Hat = Fair Isle PJ’s


Beastie Boys Tee – Runway look!

Ping Pong Launcher – Art and Skill

ping-pong owl-kids 12icdba_i-can-design-my-own-bow-_-arrow_lifestyle-1200_1024x1024

Cactus Cross Stitch + Wings = Craft Time

16XSTCA_CrossStitchCactusKit_Product.jpg     bird-wings_1024x1024.jpg

Color the Galaxy + Moon and Astronaut Tee’s

a-little-lark-full-moon-raglan-tee-5074_medium   galaxy    astronaut_raglan-kids_shop

For the Love of Animals

fox-raglan   eagle-and-wren      citykids

Dandy Bags + Sling Shot


      Cute Local Made Bags

sling shot

Wooden slingshot with felt rainbow balls

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