Crochet in Seattle

“Would you like to take a look at these items I made?”

Yes! Yes, we are delighted to look at your handmade baby clothes, booties, toys – we want to see it all. Our local maker scene is exploding with talent & we are always excited when artists and artisans reach out to us.

Recently, the wonderful Pat Vivian did exactly that. She set a stack of hand-crocheted baby dresses, cardigans and hats on our counter and we fell in love. Each item is unique, but they all show the same loving attention to detail. Super-soft pima cotton, wool and silk yarns add to the luxurious feel while beautiful, vibrant colors lend a modern edge to these classic styles.

Detail of baby sweaters, dresses and hats hand crochet by Pat Vivian of Seattle


Pat taught herself to crochet at the age of 9 and even had a business making children’s clothing when her daughter was small. She recently rediscovered her love of crocheting during a long recovery from a hip injury that limited her mobility. Making dresses and sweaters for her young granddaughters turned out to be both sanity-saving and fun, so she decided to make more to sell.

Detail of blue cotton hand crochet baby dress by Pat Vivian

When she’s not crocheting, Pat travels the country to consult with nonprofit organizations that suffer from trauma. She is an avid birdwatcher and is looking forward to traveling to Africa later this year. Oh, did we mention that she’s a total badass? Because she is.

This is why we value getting to meet our makers. Knowing the history, the inspiration, the how-and-why an item came to be adds a certain richness to the finished product. The relationships we build help us realize that we are more than just vendors and retailers; we are neighbors.

The Seattle Made movement is growing strong. Customers ask us for made-in-Seattle items daily and many of Bootyland’s best-sellers are locally made. Some say they like to support their local economy, others are visitors to our amazing city searching for gifts. Whatever the reason, we are truly grateful for everyone who shops small, buys local and supports their hometown artists and makers. Because when you do, you support and sustain the community that makes us proud to call Seattle our home.

pat v
Pat Vivian

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