Custom Silhouette Portraits – A Timeless Gift


There is something so charming about classic silhouette portraits. They are strikingly simple, yet when well done they truly capture the likeness and spirit of the subject.

kerry cook  Kerry Cook s

In the time before cameras, hand cut or hand painted silhouettes were one of the only truly accessible ways of capturing the likeness of a person. For nearly a century, silhouette portraits were incredibly popular in the United States. Today, live, hand cut silhouette portraiture is a vanishing art; some estimates put the number of active artists at less than 30. We are incredibly fortunate to have one of the few remaining silhouette artists right here in Seattle.

windows Kerry

Silhouettes of this quality are rare. Sitting for a portrait, watching it made right in front of you is

an interesting and fun experience. We have seen it season upon after season for 5 years and it is

truly a delight each time.  For a custom, hand made work of art – incredibly accessible price

(keeping in tradition of history) 

twi dec 2015

Have your  timeless silhouette likeness created from simple black paper.

Capturing a moment..

We will be Hosting Kerry Cook  

Spring 2018 SUNDAY April 22nd 

10:00AM to 4:00PM

Original Silhouette $30
Extra Copies $12.50
Black Oval Silhouette Frames $20

Call 206 328 0636 or E-mail to make an appointment

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